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How to Effectively Describe Your Car Issues to a Mobile Mechanic?

Just like explaining your condition to your doctor, describing the problem of your car to a mobile mechanic is essential to get things right. When you plan to bring your car to Ballarat Mobile Mechanics, it will help us a lot if you have an accurate and comprehensive description of when and how the complications in your car happen. Knowing how to descriptively explain your car problem can greatly help us because it will help point our mobile car electricians to the right path and significantly reduce the diagnostic time for your convenience. 

Knowing what details your mobile mechanics might require, along with the jargon you need to understand, can be a bit overwhelming for some. But don’t worry because we will share with you below some helpful tips to let you efficiently describe your car problems to us. 

Give Detailed Descriptions

When a client has a very little description of the problem of his/her car, the process of diagnosing the issue might feel like solving a complex mystery for a mobile mechanic. That is why we recommend answering these simple questions because it can help us narrow down the problem and determine the best solution for it:

  • When does your car show the problems or issues you are worried about?
  • What does it look like? Does it smell, sound, or feel different? 
  • Where do you think the issue is coming from?
  • Are any dashboard lights turned on since the problem began?
  • Is there any fluid leaking from your car?
  • When did you notice this problem?

Don’t Feel Pressured

Although it would be a great help for us to know all the details about your car problems, you don’t have to do in-depth research about it or find the best solution to solve the problem. At Ballarat Mobile Mechanics, you just have to describe the issues you are experiencing with your car, and our certified and skilled mobile mechanics will handle everything for you. 

Learn Some of the Jargon

In our years of providing service in Ballarat, we know that conversing with our clients without using automotive jargon can be more beneficial because not a lot of people are exposed to them. However, it is still good to know some of the most commonly used terms when describing car problems. It might help to keep these key terms in mind:

  • Surge – a sudden increase in speed without pressing the gas pedal
  • Sluggish – the car is not accelerating as smoothly or promptly as before
  • Stumble – when the car stalls but then it restarts again
  • Misfire – the fuel in the engine’s cylinders is not igniting appropriately and affects the engine’s performance
  • Stall – when the car’s engine unexpectedly stops running

Review Your Maintenance Records

You can talk about your car’s maintenance records to help your mobile mechanic determine what factors might be affecting your car. However, if you don’t have a detailed record, you can just share the:

  • most recent part replacements
  • most recent repairs
  • type of car parts used when repairing and replacing parts of your car
  • date when your car had routine maintenance services including oil change and tire rotation

State the Truth

Be honest when communicating with our mobile mechanics. Telling the truth about your driving habits, car condition, and maintenance record can greatly help us diagnose the problem and solve it effectively.

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