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Car Battery Ballarat

Your car battery is an essential component of your vehicle for smooth and safe travels. It’s best practice to perform regular replacement to prevent from experiencing a car stalling. 

As your local mobile mechanics in Ballarat, you can call us anytime, anywhere. Our van is equipped with the right tools and equipment to fulfill your car battery needs. At Ballarat Mobile Mechanics, we promised to deliver a high-quality, efficient service. 

Our car battery replacement services also include but are not limited to: testing alternator charging rates, checking of the starter motor and starting system, and checking of drive belts and pulleys.

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When is it time to replace my car battery?

Regularly examine your car if the car battery needs to be replaced by checking these few signs:

Check engine signal is active
The engine signal is typically the first sign you seen on your dashboard. It indicates that there is something wrong going on in your engine or it is not functioning well. If the battery is flat or dead, the signal should light up.

Engine cracking is slow
The mechanical process to start the engine is called turning over. The process involves the starter engaging the flywheel, which rotates the crankshaft, and starts the engine. In laymen’s terms, when you switch the engine and hear a “ruuuh” sound in a slow-paced, it means that the battery is getting weak or completely depleted.

Deformation of the battery case
The issues mentioned above can also indicate other problems that may not necessarily be affected by battery issues but potentially a battery case deformation. A swelling or bloated battery happens typically occurs when the battery is overcharged. If this happens, do not attempt to drive your car or remove the battery, as it can cause severe damage to your engine due to its tendency to explode.Battery emits a pungent smell
Car battery leaks will give off a pungent smell. Car batteries contain a mixture of water and sulfuric acid. When the battery’s case has cracks or leaks, the water-sulfuric acid mixture evaporates due to the engine’s heat. Water has no smell in a gaseous state, but sulfuric acid has a distinct rotten egg smell.

Sulfuric acid is also corrosive in an aqueous state. When you see any sign of corrosion around the battery terminal, it indicates a leak. When this happens, immediately call for an expert mechanic for a car battery replacement.

Why should you choose a car battery replacement service?

In terms of maintaining and fixing your car, you need a certified mechanic to ensure your car’s safety functions. Although replacing your battery may sound easy, certain instances or battery problems such as battery leaks and bloated battery cases need to be handled by a professional mechanic. Some other indistinct engine problems may occur alongside battery issues that only a mechanic can detect and decipher.

Hiring a mechanic to replace your car battery can save you more money in the long run rather than paying huge money for damages caused by improper battery installation. Ballarat Mobile Mechanics is trusted with its quality and honest work. We provide guidance and assistance to ensure the precise function of your car engine.

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