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5 Common Tyre Problems To Look Out For

An automobile has a variety of features that requires different kinds of care. While it’s always good to check on things like the battery or the cooling system, there is a far more important feature to keep an eye on. That would be the tyres. Tyres problems are one of the most common things that can happen to any vehicle. While any tyre problem can end up compromising your vehicle, some tyre issues are common enough to note. 

What to Look Out For With Tyres

There are many different tyre styles that you can choose for your vehicle. No matter the type or style of the tyre you choose, however, there are a variety of common issues that can pop up, including the following:

Overinflation and Underinflation

One of the most common reasons that tyres can end up damaged is the amount of pressure. When incorrectly inflated, tyres can end up not only a safety hazard but also a decreased lifespan. Depending on the amount of pressure in the tyre, there are different ways it can result in varying types of damage. If underinflated, it can heighten the wear and tear on the shoulder of the tyre. On the other hand, if overinflated, the tyre can end with premature degradation in the middle. Whatever type of inflation the tyre has, it can be detrimental to the vehicle. 

Cracks and Bulges

This kind of damage to a tyre mainly happens due to impact damage. An example of how this can happen would be hitting a pothole, the curb or going over speed bumps too fast. Another reason that your tyres can end up cracked or bulge out would be overinflation. Once a tyre ends up with a crack or bulge from impact or otherwise, the only solution would be to have it replaced. While this type of damage can be inconvenient, it is also a good indicator of your tyre being old aged.

Uneven Wear

Damages to a tyre usually show on its centre or inner edges. However, there are times when a tyre can show wear and tear on its outer edges. This kind of damage usually occurs when it involves alignment, suspension or tyre inflation. A misalignment of tyres can also happen when a vehicle hits the kerb, the vehicle height is changed, or general wear and tear. Should this kind of problem occur, the best option is to have the tyres refitted or replaced. Either solution can depend on the severity of the wear as it can reduce your tyre’s traction and grip on the roads if not fitted correctly.


A puncture type of damage to tyres can happen in a variety of degrees. Depending on how big or small the puncture hole is, it can help to either have a repair or replacement done. If the damage is minimal and located at the centre of the tyre, a mechanic can have it repaired. Otherwise, a replacement is the best course of action. Puncture damage can happen in many ways. One way it can happen is a faulty tyre valve, which is leaking out air intermittently.

Squealing When Turning Corners

If your tyres are making a squealing sound when turning corners, there can be three possible reasons for it. They are underinflation, low or worn-out tread,  and misalignment at the front end. Whatever the reason, squealing tires are a signal for either a tyre repair or replacement. If you want to end up with reliable tyres, consider a professional service group for assistance.

How Ballarat Mobile Mechanics Can Help You

Multiple things can happen to your tyres; most often than not, the best options are a repair or replacement. When this happens, you will want to refer to an experienced mechanic for assistance. One such group that can provide this is Ballarat Mobile Mechanics. When hiring Ballarat Mobile Mechanics for your automobile, you gain a team of professionals that deal with any tyre issue. Whether it be overinflation or punctures, Ballarat Mobile Mechanics can provide quality results.


One of the most common problems that can happen to any vehicle involves the tyres. No matter the type of tyre, there is a list of common issues that can happen to them. These include cracks, punctures, and more. Depending on the length of damage on the tyre, the best option is to have it repaired or replaced. Whether your tyres need a repair or replacement, a recommended option for either would be to hire Ballarat Mobile Mechanics.

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